《Shoujo Grand Summoning》Latest chapter
Chapter 1038: Countered, the best girl for the job
Chapter 1037: A mistake? The eye within the hole in the ground
Chapter 1036: The best fighters for PvPs and AoEs
Chapter 1035: The angels“ transformations
Chapter 1034: I can still use Pandora again
Chapter 1033: Activate again, Astrea ver II
Chapter 1032: Evolve, Astrea!
Chapter 1031: Discovery, movement, and weird phenomenon
Chapter 1030: Investigation, a search, Ikaros, and Astrea
Chapter 1029: No more delays, going in
Chapter 1028: Chaos. Chaos descends again
Chapter 1027: News, item, and a warning
《Shoujo Grand Summoning》' main text
Chapter 1038: Countered, the best girl for the job
Chapter 1037: A mistake? The eye within the hole in the ground
Chapter 1036: The best fighters for PvPs and AoEs
Chapter 1035: The angels“ transformations
Chapter 1034: I can still use Pandora again
Chapter 1033: Activate again, Astrea ver II
Chapter 1032: Evolve, Astrea!
Chapter 1031: Discovery, movement, and weird phenomenon
Chapter 1030: Investigation, a search, Ikaros, and Astrea
Chapter 1029: No more delays, going in
Chapter 1028: Chaos. Chaos descends again
Chapter 1027: News, item, and a warning
Chapter 1026: The top became the bottom?
Chapter 1025: Troubled Ikaros and unlucky Hinagiku
Chapter 1024: Hey sister, what“s your name?
Chapter 1023: A pure yuri vs the devian
Chapter 1022: The reason? A nonsensical justification
Chapter 1021: Before that, we need to have a little cha
Chapter 1020: The supply town“s changes
Chapter 1019: Discovery, bad situation
Chapter 1018: A mysterious young lady? A trade?
Chapter 1017: Silvaria“s demigods assemble
Chapter 1016: 5 humans, the 5 individuals who flew here
Chapter 1015: A deep probe, the Youkai Sage
Chapter 1014: Bad vibe, something intriguing
Chapter 1013: Jealousy, admiration, and getting ignored
Chapter 1012: Yukari-nee? Yukari-chan?
Chapter 1011: A long overdue summon, someone we know
Chapter 1010: Blowing the money
Chapter 1009: A base and Shokuhou Misaki's plan
Chapter 1008: Just your average girl
Chapter 1007: A normal personality? Waiting for that day
Chapter 1006: Be a little bit more aware of what's going on inside you, okay?
Chapter 1005: The girl who needs all the affection in the world
Chapter 1004: Longing, understanding, mood, and feelings
Chapter 1003: A shocking cuisine?
Chapter 1002: Preparing to leave Strike the Blood's world
Chapter 1001: Avrora's choice
Chapter 1000: Mysterious arrival, brilliant light
Chapter 998: Exhibition, statues, stories...
Chapter 997: Operation love
Chapter 996: Physical contract and mind unison
Chapter 995: Curtain dropped, its time.
Chapter 994: Tartarus
Chapter 993: Burning time, using the familiar with the white flames
Chapter 992: Trapped? Theres still one more person who hasnt entered the fray...
Chapter 991: Taking enemies down one by one, abnormality?
Chapter 990: A chaotic fight, an all-out fight
Chapter 989: The five prisoners from the Prison Barrier
Chapter 988: Descending from the skies, an attack...
Chapter 987: Abnormal status? Failed transformation?
Chapter 986: Wanna join me for a shower?
Chapter 985: Itogami Island turns into a battlefield...
Chapter 984: The battles popping up all over Itogami Island
Chapter 983: The hunt, time limit, and substitute...
Chapter 982: Aya? The prisoners escaped!
Chapter 981: Voiding a contract, the collapse of the Prison Barrier
Chapter 980: The castle in the Prison Barrier
Chapter 979: Shattering space itself, controlling the familiar with dark lightning
Chapter 978: It begins, looking for the Prison Barrier.
Chapter 977: An argument and Wu Yan's decision
Chapter 976: It begins, laying down the setup
Chapter 975: A request and an invitation
Chapter 974: Just know what you should do
Chapter 973: one question per party, the answer
Chapter 972: An inquiry into the issue restricting Natsuki
Chapter 971: Natsuki’s abnormal behavior. Intervention?
Chapter 969: Either be patient or be assertive
Chapter 968: The two corners in the cafe...
Chapter 967: An invitation to a date, Kotori roping in people...
Chapter 966: War? Searching for the next target in the academy
Chapter 964: Shuraba? It’s a shuraba, right? It’s Shuraba.
Chapter 963: Background, truth, and the cute tragic girl
Chapter 962: The witChapter and the princess comes for a visit
Chapter 961: If not me then who?
Chapter 960: Summoning and descent...
Chapter 959: Impeded, Angel’s divinity
Chapter 958: Declaration, decision, and confrontation
Chapter 957: Magus Craft’s methods, the reappearance
Chapter 956: Attacked? Here for Kanon!
Chapter 955: I promise I am not trying to increase my familiarity points this time!
Chapter 954: Family? The people who understand
Chapter 953: Let me shoulder that burden with you
Chapter 952: An incident, the monster tattoo
Chapter 951: Modifying the Heaven Ascension circuits
Chapter 950: System is playing nice?
Chapter 949: "Do you want to come with me?"
Chapter 947: A shattered heart... A cruel scene...
Chapter 946: Touching a great secret, a temporary move
Chapter 945: Avrora?
Chapter 944: That’s not Nagisa? A half-conscious entity...
Chapter 943: Intrusion, an unthinkable scene
Chapter 942: Summon, failed? In action
Chapter 941: Kanon Kanase, the Faux Angel
Chapter 940: The festival, the date between the student and the teacher
Chapter 939: Congratulations, you got me.
Chapter 938: Battleplan, both sides
Chapter 937: Vatler's distasteful interest, Natsuki's decision
Chapter 936: Modified human? A clash
Chapter 935: The Keystone Gate and the management of Itogami Island
Chapter 934: Two girls, two aura
Chapter 933: The hot topic couple and the angelic girl
Chapter 932: Progress, Nagisa's news
Chapter 931: Akatsuki Kojou's crusade! Everything for his sister!
Chapter 930: The teacher who goes after the student and the student who went after the teacher
Chapter 929: The war of the Imouto-chans, begin!
Chapter 928: It's official, completed quest and saving unknown people
Chapter 927: Imouto-san's earth-shaking statemen
Chapter 926: Abnormal Nagisa? Something unforgivable?
Chapter 925: Chat, interesting fellow
Chapter 924: A weak beastman? Taking your loo
Chapter 923: Tempted, an interesting idea
Chapter 922: The ancient weapon? Devastating power
Chapter 921: The red spear, Imagine Breaker's first debu
Chapter 920: A blockade, I will play with you
Chapter 919: Demonophobia strikes again, desperate times call for desperate measures
Chapter 918: The insidious approach, slow progress
Chapter 917: Go ahead and try, see if you can
Chapter 916: They swing for both sides huh
Chapter 915: Slowly being accepted
Chapter 914: Laying your hands on her? That's not very nice
Chapter 913: How was it like... when you... with him
Chapter 912: Believe it or not? Reading memories
Chapter 911: First release
Chapter 910: Dimitrie Vatler
Chapter 909: A fight? The vampire with snake familiars
Chapter 908: Dubbed an existence closest to primogenitor status?
Chapter 907: You two are siblings, right? Right? That has to be it, right?!
Chapter 906: Permanent ability: Escape through the door
Chapter 905: Kotori's commander mode
Chapter 904: Moving, apartment, and cohabitation
Chapter 903: Can't compete with Wu Yan-sensei in the first place
Chapter 902: First fight, a show of migh
Chapter 901: The rampaging familiar, Regulus Aurum
Chapter 900: Wu Yan and Akatsuki Kojou, a true ancestor and a primogenitor
Chapter 899: Crouching tigers and hidden dragons in Saikai Academy
Chapter 898: Handing out snacks during class, there's a teacher like this?
Chapter 897: Forget about homework, I suck at that too
Chapter 896: Akatsuki Nagisa, Himeragi Yukina
Chapter 895: Senpai? Kouhai? Sensei?
Chapter 894: My little sister is too tsundere
Chapter 893: The rowdy familiars
Chapter 892: Black and white, anomalous flames and lightning
Chapter 891: Preparation, familiar summoning
Chapter 890: Darn, feared by a cutie
Chapter 889: Cheating, on multiple levels
Chapter 888: Minamiya Natsuki, tier 9
Chapter 887: The girl who couldn't escape in time
Chapter 886: Beings composed of magic power, the destructiveness of vassal beasts
Chapter 885: Strike, striking hard
Chapter 884: Hitting on someone? Registered demon
Chapter 883: Strike The Blood, a silent descen
Chapter 882: Another world, Demon Sanctuary, Itogami Island
Chapter 881: Betrayed, what happened to "can't live without" me?
Chapter 880: They realized the importance of food
Chapter 879: Cookies and a fancy?
Chapter 878: The last trick? Case closed
Chapter 877: Now, things are very differen
Chapter 876: You're satisfied with only this much power?
Chapter 875: Countless casualties, absolute advantage
Chapter 874: It finally shows itself, the monster lurking around at nigh
Chapter 873: Is this a cue to bust a ghost?
Chapter 872: An outline, a haunting?
Chapter 871: Catching up, recovering, and a small gain
Chapter 870: Reaping what he sowed, the dark light's candidate
Chapter 869: Unfurling the Meteor Shower once more, erased from existence
Chapter 868: Busted, a frenzy, and a struggle against death
Chapter 867: The aerial impac
Chapter 866: Tangled, the fight is just getting started
Chapter 865: You ascended to Tier 9 too? Marcus going crazy
Chapter 864: Human? Beast? Monster? Demon?
Chapter 863: Weird dark qi, the abnormality within one's physique
Chapter 862: The enraged and the crazy one
Chapter 861: Broken, techniques and change
Chapter 860: Infiltration, the darkness within the base
Chapter 859: Return, the encroaching danger
Chapter 858: Chose an ability, the System is an S-tier troll
Chapter 857: Pros and cons, choosing a bloodline ability
Chapter 856: The cliff, platform, and change
Chapter 855: Loyal hounds, Marcus' foreshadowing
Chapter 854: The true condition for evolution?
Chapter 853: Astrea's in danger
Chapter 852: The real bad news and good news
Chapter 851: Wu Yan is cooperating with the Beast King?
Chapter 850: Decision? Marcus' unusual behavior
Chapter 849: Ascending at the same time, leveling up and making choices
Chapter 848: In time? Not in time?
Chapter 847: Techniques used and missing by that much
Chapter 846: Escape? The pursuit in the sky
Chapter 845: Gonna keep growing stronger! Until
Chapter 844: The shock brought about by the Power of Boundaries, support on the way?
Chapter 843: Final act, the Boundary between heaven and earth
Chapter 842: A storm of flames, an anomaly
Chapter 841: Trump card? The Beast King's techniques
Chapter 840: First demigod fight, the power of boundaries and the gaps
Chapter 839: Red Jade mode unleashed again, the strongest form
Chapter 838: Busted, unveiled, and true identity
Chapter 837: Kill Wu Yan? No need to return to base
Chapter 836: The night operation, cause
Chapter 835: Flashy display of affection can be great for your health!
Chapter 834: Shutting everyone down, Lei Wang's arrival
Chapter 833: The attitude they adopted and the clamor within the base
Chapter 832: Marcus' rage and hypotheses
Chapter 831: Make an enemy out of the entire Ailu empire?
Chapter 830: Chaos, seizing control of the situation
Chapter 829: Enraged, nobody can save you!
Chapter 828: A change, the roar the shook the skies
Chapter 827: Vicious methods, the decision of the two individuals
Chapter 826: Intel, the queen stepped on a verbal landmine?
Chapter 825: Dark plo
Chapter 824: Wouldn't you like to see it? You love to see i
Chapter 823: Kindness and cruelty, Tsundere and
Chapter 822: Swift backlash, offending the Queen is a very costly mistake
Chapter 821: The base, duty, and conflic
Chapter 820: Heading forward, towards the person inside their hearts
Chapter 819: Testing magic spells, speedy takedowns
Chapter 818: Sparks flying, the spells of the duelists
Chapter 817: Come all at once? Who wants to taste remorse first?!
Chapter 816: The final challenge, I will take you all on
Chapter 815: The aftermath, the various faction's movemen
Chapter 814: Saying goodbye to Fei Fei and Lulu
Chapter 813: It's time to leave
Chapter 812: Lancer E-rank luck
Chapter 811: Difference between Magecraft and Magic
Chapter 810: Browsing for new abilities, cultivation method
Chapter 809: Being a fiancee is a huge problem!
Chapter 808: No need to cancel the engagement?
Chapter 807: System Update, changing the metrics
Chapter 806: A nouveau riche is always the ones blessed by bliss
Chapter 805: Lucky? Unlucky? Fate?
Chapter 804: Relic, a change
Chapter 803: Busted again? The questioning
Chapter 802: The imperial treasury and the protector god
Chapter 801: The juicy details, there is someone behind the scenes?
Chapter 800: Analysis, nature, and reques
Chapter 799: The demise of gods, the truth behind why the gods fell
Chapter 798: A clue into the truth of the world, the secret of the God tier
Chapter 797: The real goal, what the imperial family wants
Chapter 796: The final answer, okay we can try getting along firs
Chapter 795: The answer: No guarantees
Chapter 794: Escalation and an unexpected announcemen
Chapter 793: Real feelings and the acme of love
Chapter 792: The prelude, dancing at the ball
Chapter 791: What's a ball without the delicious meals and puffery?
Chapter 790: Wait, why is it like I am talking to the father-in-law?
Chapter 789: A stunning advent!
Chapter 788: When I am of age, I am going to marry someone just you wait and see
Chapter 787: Younger sister, an existence to be teased
Chapter 786: Weird events
Chapter 785: The return and subsequent jealousy match-ups?
Chapter 784: An unfathomable person?
Chapter 783: The night to declare my return
Chapter 782: Talking about the future, being with each other
Chapter 781
Chapter 780: Offline meeting! You coming?
Chapter 779: Public display of affection in the real world too!
Chapter 778: Current ongoings, a stable and abnormal daily life
Chapter 777: Exposed! Itching for a smackdown?
Chapter 776: Waking up... Feelings... and a painful confession
Chapter 775: Saving a life with the power of electricity
Chapter 774: A dashing prince to the rescue of the damsel? Nah, how about a vampire instead?
Chapter 773: The comedic play and the tragedy between the two
Chapter 772: Dinner first or bath first?
Chapter 771: The End of SAO the game
Chapter 770: Reunion! The collapsing world
Chapter 769: The final frenzy, the end
Chapter 768: Attacks and dueling, chance and resourcefulness
Chapter 767: An intense battle underway!
Chapter 766: Surprise attack, flying around, speed and savagery
Chapter 765: A bitter figh
Chapter 764: The first round
Chapter 763: Competing is secondary to protecting
Chapter 762: A duel? An unexpected challenge
Chapter 761: The red figure lurking within
Chapter 760: An oddity, escape, and departure
Chapter 759
Chapter 758: Silence, warmth, and a promise...
Chapter 757: The critical moment that will decide everything!
Chapter 756
Chapter 755: Flashy display of affection
Chapter 754: Inviting all the top SAO players
Chapter 753: Memories and realization, happiness and bliss
Chapter 752: The light that dispels the darkness
Chapter 751: Swords united! Husband and wife duo, perfect cooperation
Chapter 750: Who is the real floor boss?
Chapter 749: Anomaly, dark phantoms and the entity within
Chapter 748: Walking ahead of everyone
Chapter 747: Warmth & Yui's tiny gif
Chapter 746: Game balance preservation
Chapter 745: Asuna's afraid of ghosts
Chapter 744: The danger of paralysis
Chapter 743: A labyrinth like a haunted house. Bugs?
Chapter 742: The two's journey and the labyrinth
Chapter 741: The clearers' casualties, a decision
Chapter 740: You guys just need to trust me
Chapter 739: My daughter can't be this odd!
Chapter 738: Evil thoughts, slyness?
Chapter 737: A talk with my daughter...
Chapter 736: Warning, giving a preventive shot firs
Chapter 735: Yui's words and what everybody has to say
Chapter 734: It's more like a party than a wedding ceremony?
Chapter 733: The change in the wife, the daughter, and the friends...
Chapter 732: Out goes spring, it's autumn once more! Changes and progress...
Chapter 731: The risk of a mandatory quest, returning home
Chapter 730: Killing, clearing, ending, and reporting...
Chapter 729: The tragic 75th-floor boss...
Chapter 728: Clash! Brute strength against brute strength!
Chapter 727: Centipede? Skeleton? The Skull Reaper!
Chapter 726: The 75th-floor boss raid!
Chapter 725: Heathcliff's qualm
Chapter 724: No-crystal zone's effec
Chapter 723: A monster among monsters? An anomaly within the players?
Chapter 722: Breach, spectating, and testing...
Chapter 721: Rabid fans? The ultimate reason...
Chapter 720: More challengers? People sure like to dig their own graves...
Chapter 719: Mail, an invitation out of nowhere
Chapter 718: Great papa, great mama, good husband, and good wife
Chapter 717: How to get to the fourth base? Talking about life with Kirito
Chapter 716: Friends, a rare gues
Chapter 715: If I can't win against you, how can I protect you?!
Chapter 714: Happiness can be as simple as a dinner together
Chapter 713: Kirito-kun, leave your wife and daughter to me
Chapter 712: Picked up a loli, bringing her home…
Chapter 711: Info, a special monster?
Chapter 710: First day after the big ceremony, no limits on mayhem
Chapter 709: An unavoidable morning
Chapter 708: We are now husband and wife, you know…
Chapter 707: A promise under the sunset and the kiss
Chapter 706: Together forever
Chapter 705: An unprecedented wedding!
Chapter 704: The wedding that’s about to begin
Chapter 703: Deserving of death, wasting the player killer
Chapter 702: The final appearance of the clown
Chapter 701: Getting married! A lightning marriage!
Chapter 700: Yan is unexpectedly cute when he’s embarrassed?
Chapter 699: Giving you a chance, stand in as Asuna’s substitute
Chapter 698: The clown appears, striking out in anger
Chapter 697: The warmest time together
Chapter 696: Wasn’t able to get it on, such a shame
Chapter 695: Inviting a wolf to break into the room
Chapter 694: A confession? Confessio ex machina
Chapter 693: Finally, a happy day
Chapter 692: You must take responsibility!
Chapter 691: Unveiling Dual Blades once more
Chapter 690: Goat’s head, bestial body, humanoid form, demonic style!
Chapter 689: There are always people who wants to get wasted
Chapter 688: This is the only time where throwing your friend under the bus is acceptable
Chapter 687: The Boss room finally appears!
Chapter 686: Prediction
Chapter 685: You’re very charming today
Chapter 684: Even after changing a protagonist, dividends are still paid
Chapter 683: First party in SAO
Chapter 682: Unhappy, not worth it, contradictory
Chapter 681: The appearance of another clown
Chapter 680: A rabbit that’s more interesting than the protagonis
Chapter 679: Wicked sick capture of S-class food material
Chapter 678: Getting another sword in a suprising but reasonable manner
Chapter 677: Meeting, spending time together, knowing more about each other
Chapter 676: Hey, I don’t sleep around so easily
Chapter 675: Work hard, play hard
Chapter 674: The prelude before a fortunate encounter with a fair lady?
Chapter 673: Quote emergency unquote, and intuition
Chapter 672: Emergency, get your butt over here!
Chapter 671: The start of the conquest of the winner in life
Chapter 670: Asuna wants to buy a home?
Chapter 669: Are you girls jealous?
Chapter 668
Chapter 667: It’s hard to keep villains and women happy
Chapter 666: I will leave this glorious mission to you
Chapter 665: The arrangements put in place for Silica.
Chapter 664: Do you want to join the raid group?
Chapter 663: The flower garden and the baited ones
Chapter 662: The incredible cheesecake
Chapter 661: That legend? Target acquired
Chapter 660: A warm person, someone who isn’t easy to anger
Chapter 659: Silica, the damsel in distress
Chapter 658: A request? A bet with Kirito
Chapter 657: I don’t know how I got i
Chapter 656: Surrender? Victory
Chapter 655: Unique skill, dual blades
Chapter 654: Break the limitation? A second sword…
Chapter 653: At the plaza, the day of the duel…
Chapter 652: Dim Asuna and
Chapter 651: An intense battle and a warm figh
Chapter 650: The sensation of being alive and the cook-off
Chapter 649: A house like those in storybooks! Wu Yan’s home…
Chapter 648: A feud? Another duel?
Chapter 647: Different thoughts, same goals
Chapter 646: Fear? Meeting Heathcliff…
Chapter 645: Detainment? Heathcliff’s invitation!
Chapter 644: You want it? Come get it then!
Chapter 643: The meddling Divine Dragons and the Army!
Chapter 642: First-hand experience? The impossible show
Chapter 641: Deterrence by fame
Chapter 640: Expert Player
Chapter 639: The Flash, Asuna…
Chapter 638: Christmas event, news of a revival item…
Chapter 637: One year, the fae swordsman
Chapter 636: Kayaba Akihiko? Heathcliff!
Chapter 635: The Black Cats who got dragged into it…
Chapter 634: Familiar Crystal, healing spirit…
Chapter 633: The boon within the cave, the real rewards!
Chapter 632: A little trick, the end of the solo figh
Chapter 631: Solo the Lion-man boss! Run?
Chapter 630: The lion-man in front of the cave
Chapter 629: After the maze, we’ve got a forest now? Footless raccoon dog.
Chapter 628: Hp Bar?
Chapter 627: Unable to leave, a maze outside the labyrinth!
Chapter 626: A party teleportation crystal, going together…
Chapter 625: A misclick on an NPC
Chapter 624: Fame! A Pop star? Sachi’s change…
Chapter 623: Dropping the curtain on the floor boss raid…
Chapter 622: Seven Star, killing the floor boss
Chapter 621: Putting on a show, showing the floor boss who’s boss
Chapter 620: I am bad to the bones, you better not get too close to me…
Chapter 619: Dominating Asuna…’s stomach
Chapter 618: Remember this, I can kill you anytime I wan
Chapter 617: 1st Floor Boss strategic briefing
Chapter 616: The slowly rising flags…
Chapter 615: Moonlit Black Cats
Chapter 614: The deluge of guild invitations from countless guild masters!
Chapter 613: Picking a fight? Trouble out of nowhere…
Chapter 612: Automatic job-change? Why am I a cook even after entering this game?
Chapter 611: Testing out the water, a strong passer-by
Chapter 610: Servers opened, entering SAO
Chapter 609: Penalty Quest, SAO
Chapter 608: Bye, Yukari…
Chapter 607: The end of the show, decision, parting, and return…
Chapter 606: Consequences
Chapter 605: The victor has long been decided
Chapter 604: A hidden battle with a strong foe
Chapter 603: Are you teasing me? Am I being teased?
Chapter 602: A peaceful exchange between them? Impossibru
Chapter 601: Summoning, the 4 person spirit group descends
Chapter 600: Current status, movements, thanks, and stumped
Chapter 599: The ring of authority? Conversations inside the ten
Chapter 598
Chapter 597: Sooner or later I will let you summon me…
Chapter 596: Was it a hero I summoned or is she a devil?
Chapter 595: Creation and destruction, godlike powers…
Chapter 594: One-sided battle, Yakumo Yukari
Chapter 593: A strong pressure, the girl with the parasol
Chapter 592: Emergency protocol, 10 minutes of hope!
Chapter 591: A perilous scenario!
Chapter 590: Counter attack, the beast king got harmed?
Chapter 589: Pandora, the self evolution program inside Ikaros
Chapter 588: Blood in the air, Ikaros angered
Chapter 587: Working together, ganging up on the beast king.
Chapter 586: The giant fight begins! Spikes everywhere
Chapter 585: Fight? The choice the ladies made…
Chapter 584: You’re not a human! Unexpected
Chapter 583: Human? Beast king?
Chapter 582: The person inside the Skeleton fortress?
Chapter 581: Walking on steel wires…
Chapter 580: The System comes into the spotlight once more!
Chapter 579: Guards and the skeleton fortress
Chapter 578: Arriving at the center of the Giant Beasts Forest…
Chapter 577: A little technique put to great use
Chapter 576: A private talk with each other?
Chapter 575: A peaceful resolution to his rear court issue?
Chapter 574: Unscientific mind-reading power
Chapter 573: An abnormality, discussion…
Chapter 572: A massive power-up for everyone
Chapter 571: we will always be together!
Chapter 570: Flan’s game of tag
Chapter 569: Hey, play with Flan…
Chapter 568: Seal undone, Flandre-chan attacks
Chapter 567
Chapter 566: Cooperation, first phase
Chapter 565: Descent of the invincible enemy
Chapter 564: The roar from a terrifying existence
Chapter 563: Total Victory
Chapter 562: Fighting with the Red Jewel mode on
Chapter 561: A cooperative battle against the enemy
Chapter 560: Uranus appears
Chapter 559: The battle where the sword shoots for the heaven
Chapter 558: State of battle, the power of lightning
Chapter 557: Battle, the start of the brawl
Chapter 556: Each other’s opponent, their own fights
Chapter 555: All-out battle against the apes
Chapter 554: Territory, group, and a bunch of monkeys
Chapter 553: A truly troubling situation?
Chapter 552: 2 questions, 2 feelings
Chapter 551: Incinerated
Chapter 550: Giant black octopus, blackwater octopus
Chapter 549: Enraged, Wu Yan unleashed
Chapter 548: The monster in the fog
Chapter 547: The inner regions of the Giant Beasts Forest shrouded in mist
Chapter 546: Next time, I will sleep with you ladies
Chapter 545: The night continues
Chapter 544: She never stood a chance in resisting…
Chapter 543 - Is this a prelude to something good?
Chapter 542: Ring? Sylph’s abnormality
Chapter 541: The queen, the princess and the nouveau riche
Chapter 540: Joou-sama’s turn to shine
Chapter 539: Thorny Green Cat used call for help.
Chapter 538: Night Moon Slash used once more
Chapter 537: Fei Fei, Bing Ling, and Bishi
Chapter 536: After the wolves, now we’ve got pussies to deal with? Thorny green cats
Chapter 535: That’s the attitude
Chapter 534: ITEM’s 3 persons show
Chapter 533: The ambush outside the barrier
Chapter 532: The expedition into the Giant Beasts Forest
Chapter 531: The elite teams enter Giant Beasts Forest
Chapter 530: A late night visit, Lei Wang’s request…
Chapter 529: The beast king’s threat?…
Chapter 528: Speculation and the possible cause of the demonic beast disturbance
Chapter 527: A large team, Lei Wang?!
Chapter 526: The ladies’ increase in power
Chapter 525: Bounty and the start of this outbreak
Chapter 524: I think you girls will hit it off…
Chapter 523: A true machine of war
Chapter 522: Trouble & arrival
Chapter 521: A sea of monsters, the second emergence of the demonic beast army
Chapter 520: The great battle outside Giant Beasts Forest.
Chapter 519: The demonic beast army who rushed out of their habitats
Chapter 518: Obtaining Flandre-chan’s Red Jewel
Chapter 517: Heading towards Giant Beast Forest
Chapter 516: Saying goodbye to Kotori, that instant when they locked eyes…
Chapter 515: When things get serious…
Chapter 514 - Ascension, bloodline awakened
Chapter 513: Quest 3 completed, getting the reward…
Chapter 512: Turning Fraxinus into a Noble Phantasm
Chapter 511: Fraxinus is yours
Chapter 510: Shiori wants to fight the fire?
Chapter 509: I will gladly crush this date
Chapter 508: is it a date? A date? Or, a date?
Chapter 507
Chapter 506
Chapter 505
Chapter 504
Chapter 503
Chapter 502: Disturbance in the Giant Beast Forest
Chapter 501: The Sisters are here
Chapter 500: Stories in the other world…
Chapter 499
Chapter 498
Chapter 497
Chapter 496
Chapter 495
Chapter 494
Chapter 493
Chapter 492
Chapter 491
Chapter 490
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Chapter 488
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Chapter 395
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Chapter 392
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Chapter 389
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Chapter 385
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Chapter 383
Chapter 382
Chapter 381
Chapter 380
Chapter 379
Chapter 378
Chapter 377
Chapter 376
Chapter 375
Chapter 374
Chapter 373
Chapter 372
Chapter 371
Chapter 370
Chapter 369
Chapter 368: Jaafar’s fight! Beast Battle Arts!
Chapter 367: I am going to win this round for sure!
Chapter 366: The second round, the first one again?
Chapter 365: Power levelling, where the sisters went…
Chapter 364: Shokuhou Misaki’s turn, the popularity of the Queen
Chapter 363: Hinagiku’s fight, a dazzling finish
Chapter 362: Swift victories, next up, Hinagiku!
Chapter 361: Grand tournament, first round
Chapter 360: The Misaka sisters are the bodyguards of the Queen?
Chapter 359: Starlight Queen, the queen of this institute!
Chapter 358: More and more arrivals
Chapter 357: The School Tournament begins!
Chapter 356: Birthday Night presen
Chapter 355: A surprise
Chapter 354: An important day?…
Chapter 353: A vague morning
Chapter 352: A mountain made of letters of challenge
Chapter 351: Lulu’s grandpa?
Chapter 350: Where are you really from?…
Chapter 349: The council would like to meet me?…
Chapter 348: Filling up the treasury, the arrival of the enforcement briga
Chapter 347: Special ability: Knight of Owner!
Chapter 346: Sweet victory! Ascending past floor 5!
Chapter 345: Dark fist of murder vs Lightning punch
Chapter 344: A contest of strength! Hand to hand comba
Chapter 343: Ascending past floor 5! The barbaric floor master!
Chapter 342: Spending them points! Gate of Babylon!
Chapter 341: You girls almost killed yourselves and now you girls want to continue?
Chapter 340: Angelic Wings, the angel’s Aegis
Chapter 339: Certain kill techniques, the collision between Ice Flash and Railgun
Chapter 338: A storm with dancing lightning and falling snow.
Chapter 337: The challenge from Princess Sylph, the strongest student!
Chapter 336: The 3 imperial factions make their appearances
Chapter 335: They messed with me, now they mess with my girls
Chapter 334: A special show thrown by the princess herself! Dumping piles and piles of credits
Chapter 333: The appearance of a gold armamen
Chapter 332: Bid war for the equipment. Making it rain a second time with credits!
Chapter 331: School auction
Chapter 330: A special type of equipment? Growth type
Chapter 329
Chapter 328
Chapter 327
Chapter 326
Chapter 325
Chapter 324
Chapter 323
Chapter 322
Chapter 321
Chapter 320
Chapter 319
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