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Chapter 1569: The Cowherd And The Weaver Girl

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The driver was a candid person. He also did not talk much and lent his cell phone to Mu Yuan. Mu Yuan could recite Jack’s number backwards. He immediately called Jack’s number. It was a little noisy at the other end of the call.

He heard Jack’s cold voice.

Mu Yuan’s heart quivered. “It’s me.”

Jack paused for a while. “You are being let out?”

He sounded like he was smiling a little. Mu Yuan was a little embarrassed. “You knew about it?”

Jack laughed. “I heard from Ye Ling.”

Mu Yuan secretly scolded Ye Ling once.This fellow does not value loyalty.

He actually did not tell him and caused him to keep worrying that Jack had already gone home. Mu Yuan also knew that it was not too nice to say this matter out.

“I thought that you had gone home.”

“I still have something to handle and won’t be leaving so soon. Furthermore, I have not seen you. How can I leave?”

Mu Yuan’s heart was beating vigorously. He also felt fortunate and had some regrets. At that moment, he had all kinds of thoughts. However, he did not dare to ask Jack what he was thinking at this moment. He only felt some heartache.

Jack, he has been aggrieved.

Jack held the phone. His heart was also very heavy. It seemed that he had to make a decision for their future. Ye Ling had said that it was too cruel and not too possible for Mu Yuan to make this decision.

Perhaps in Ye Ling’s eyes, he was a powerful and omnipotent person. But Ye Ling did not think that it was equally cruel for him to make this kind of decision. Jack raised his head and looked at the night sky.

“Xiaoyuan, where are you?”

Jack put down the phone. An agent beside him kept looking at him. “Chief, are you certain?”

Jack nodded his head. “Yes, I know.”

The agent left quietly. Jack sat aside and waited for Mu Yuan. Everything was silent; he could only hear some sounds of cicadas. The summer night sky was hot and dull. Jack looked deeply at not far away.

In the past few days, his people had already hidden in every corner of City A one after another.

He was originally determined to get hold of the core data of the machine tools. Ye Tingyun was not someone who was easy to deal with. This batch of machine tools was not developed independently. A team that had developed the tools was poached, and they were the main scientists.

The method of poaching was better kept under the table. However, it was very useful. They were useless for not being able to make the people in the technology center stay. However, this person had taken away a part of the core technology of the precision machine tools. This prompted Ye Tingyun’s company to develop a set of machine tools that were more advanced than theirs.

Jack took a deep breath. The precise machine tools were being monopolized by America, Germany, and Japan currently. The other c

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