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Asmophel was nervous.Recently, he had been anxious that his skills hadn’t improved. Therefore, he was worried that the tower master would tell him he didn’t have talent.He was mistaken.

“I can see the shadow of others in your sword. Perhaps you use the sense of inferiority as nourishment. It feels like you’re trying to get rid of the clot in your heart in the right direction. I appreciate the effort, but it is wrong.”

The strongest number two—Asmophel chose to follow in the footsteps of the number one person. Based on that experience, he recreated the power of the number one person and transcended his limits.The number one person usually meant Piaro, but sometimes it was Braham.

Asmophel once re-created the power of Piaro and gave himself a brief advantage over Kyle during his time as a martial god follower.After being defeated by Braham, he was inspired and used magical insight to prevent terrorist attacks.

Biban denied all of that.“You can’t be a great success through this method. Even if you try hard, there is no way you can be stronger than the person you envy and worship. Now you’ve set limits for yourself.”

Asmophel felt like his weak point was exposed. He couldn’t bring himself to raise his head.The group recalled him emulating Piaro’s skills and had sad expressions on their faces.Singuled criticized it, “This idiot is still like this.Tsk.”

They were harsh words, but it was something that Asmophel had to endure.Asmophel lowered his head and spoke slowly, “Elder, you are right. I still can’t shake off my inferiority complex. This ugly feeling hasn’t changed even after hurting many of my friends and their families. I am a human who wasn’t born good. I probably won’t be able to change for the rest of my life.”

It was better than the past. At least his inferiority didn’t turn into jealousy.As Biban had seen, Asmophel tried to release his ugly feelings in the right direction. He tried really hard.This resulted in him worshipping Piaro with no jealousy.Even when he was defeated by Braham, he was more respectful and inspired than angry.

He silently followed their shadow.If this was what determined his limits, then he had no choice but to accept it.If he tried to break his limitations and lost control of his emotions again... he might fall into the incarnation of ugly jealousy and commit the same sins that he did in the past.


Asmophel became determined and erased his expression. The group saw this and felt sad.This time, even Singuled was quiet.Asmophel’s hard work made his mind complicated and uncomfortable every time.

In this somber atmosphere, Biban spoke, “Inferiority is one of the natural characteristics of humans. You can’t simply draw the line and say that it is an ugly emotion when it is a great driving force. I’m not trying to blame you. I don’t think your current method is that wrong. However, it is wrong for you. Your talent isn’t that bad to be buried like this.”


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