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It was shameful for a demon king to kneel to a human.In fact, it was shameful for one party to kneel to the other in human relations, let alone between a demon and human.

‘Truly a monster... He beat a demon king like that.’ Hyeonu couldn’t speak upon seeing the shocking scene that unfolded before him.Before the emperor, a demon king was the same as everyone else. Rubolle, who died at the hands of John Blake, had only managed to fight with John Blake for a while with the help of the magic power stone.

‘Even if he didn’t get the help of the magic power stone, does it make sense for him to be defeated so overwhelmingly?’

Nevertheless, it was illogical that a demon king was defeated in such a futile manner.

‘This isn’t the time for this.’ Hyeonu shook his head. It had nothing to do with him regardless of whether Damanos was kneeling.For Hyeonu, it was more important to fight Galiya in front of him.

‘...No? If I stop Galiya here....'

If the emperor killed Damanos now, Hyeonu wouldn’t be able to get the rewards from Damanos.

‘What should I do?’

Hyeonu was troubled for a moment.It was a fleeting moment, but many situations appeared and disappeared in his mind.At the end of his brief worries, Hyeonu blocked Galiya’s way again.

“Where are you going again? Your opponent is me,” Hyeonu provoked Galiya.It was a provocation that made use of Galiya’s impatience to get to Damanos.At the same time, the magic spirit sitting behind Hyeonu started to move.It created a small bead at its paw.The bead emitted a very thin thread-like ray of light, and the presence of this light was very weak.It was hard to notice it unless one was looking at the magic spirit at the very moment.

The faint light was shot at Damanos, who wasn’t fully conscious in front of the emperor.It shot like a ray of light and quickly pierced Damanos’ forehead.

A demon king’s body was solid because an enormous amount of magic power that was close to infinite was always protecting the body.However, if he was in a state where he couldn’t move his magic power like normal, he was no different from an ordinary demon.It meant he wasn’t as durable as usual.

Damanos fell down with his blood splashing up, but the emperor showed no reaction to it.The emperor just used magic power to prevent the blood from getting on him.Before this happened, the emperor had already felt Hyeonu moving.The movement of the magic spirit was the movement of magic power; the magic spirit itself was a cohesion of magic power.Therefore, it was difficult for the magic spirit’s stealthy actions to escape from the emperor’s senses.

However, Damanos didn’t die even when his forehead was pierced. He survived as tenaciously as a bug.

“Hah~Your desire to survive is great. But... your fate won’t change.” The emperor gently flicked his fingers.

“Keok!” Blood poured from Damanos’ mouth.As Damanos lay collapsed on the ground, he grabbed his chest and trembled.Then he stopped moving.Hi

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