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lesbougiesdelidz > Martial Peak > Chapter 2324 - Illusion Array Mountain Valley
Chapter 2324, Illusion Array Mountain Valley

Translator: Silavin & frozenfire

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys

After gaining Yang Kai’s confirmation, Chai Hu did not hesitate any longer and immediately consumed a Coagulation Pill. Extremely anxious looks were present on Chi Yue and the others’ faces as they sat by his side, aiding him in absorbing the pill’s medicinal efficacies.

Within the Thousand Leaves Sect was a majestic great palace located on a mountain peak approximately three hundred kilometres from the main peak.

Within a room in the great hall stood Shi Cang Ying, with his hands behind his back, a gloomy expression covering his face as he listened to the report from a disciple standing behind him.

After a moment, he opened his mouth, “You’re saying that those outsiders are staying in the main palace?”

The disciple replied respectfully, “Yes, Vice Sect Master. That is indeed the case.”

“Did they make any trips outside during the last two days?”

“They did not leave at all. On the contrary, it has only been Sect Master who has gone over there.”

“Were you able to find out exactly what they came here for?” Asked Shi Cang Ying.

“This disciple is useless and cannot find out any clues as to why they are here. However…”


“However, I’ve heard that the one named Yang Kai is proficient in the Alchemic Dao, and is the person who had refined the Extraordinary Treasure Pill within the Four Seasons Realm. He is a Dao Source Grade Alchemy Grandmaster. This disciple guesses that they are here most probably due to something related to Alchemy.”

“Alchemy!” Shi Cang Ying’s eyes lit up before nodding slightly, “That seems plausible. Ye Hen is advanced in his years, yet his cultivation has not increased. Perhaps he’s trying to find a way to break through with the assistance of pills. However, if it’s just about Alchemy, why would Ye Hen treat that little brat with such importance, to the point of letting this Old Master lose face?”

That disciple replied, “Is there a possibility… that Yang Kai still has an Extraordinary Treasure Pill on him?”

Right as those words left his mouth, it caused Shi Cang Ying’s entire body to shake, while intense radiance burst forth from his eyes.

Thinking about it, Ye Hen was now in the Third-Order Dao Source Realm and required something precisely like the Extraordinary Treasure Pill. If Yang Kai had such a Heaven-defying pill on him, everything would make sense.

There was no Third-Order Dao Source Realm who wouldn’t covet such a Spirit Pill, as it was an exceptional treasure that would give them the possibility to break through to the Emperor Realm! Ye Hen definitely knew this, therefore, he had treated that little brat with such courtesy, to the point of not caring about Shi Cang Ying at all.

Considering all of this, flames immediately erupted wit

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