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lesbougiesdelidz > I Am Overlord > Chapter 1098: Bone Race
After finding out more about this place, Xiang Shaoyun's eyes burned with excitement. This was a spacetime grotto with massive opportunities. Some could become Saints here, some could obtain cleansing and undergo rebirth, and others could obtain similar benefits. In short, so long as one could leave this place alive, one would have a bright future.

However, only a tenth of the people here would be able to leave alive. One could say that the grotto had a survival rate of 10 percent. However, the grotto was like a paradise. No danger could be seen, so Xiang Shaoyun couldn't understand how it could be so fatal.

"Can I leave now?" asked the runic meekly.

"Yes. But you need to come with me. I still lack a bodyguard," said Xiang Shaoyun with a nonchalant smile.

The runic's face fell. It was clear that Xiang Shaoyun was trying to make him a servant. However, he was given no choice. Xiang Shaoyun was too strong, probably one of the strongest here. Nobody would dare to provoke him. The source of Xiang Shaoyun's insane physical strength was naturally the Limit Stimulation Technique.

His flesh had been tempered thoroughly. His skin, flesh, meridians, organs, and bones had been reforged, becoming increasingly flawless and massively strong. Xiang Shaoyun was basically a beast among humans with unparalleled brute strength. Perhaps only some top-tier demonic beasts could match his physical strength.

This strength was why Xiang Shaoyun could easily defeat the runic and the ox-head. Instead of suppressing him, the grotto's environment was helping him display his advantage.

Xiang Shaoyun and the runic headed deeper into the grotto as they searched for whatever made this place so special.

The grotto was extremely expansive and felt the same as the outside world. The only difference was that it was much more serene and beautiful. Many small beasts were frolicking throughout the grotto, showing no fear for the intruders.

If some young girls were brought here, they would probably fall in love with this place. The grotto was the perfect location for one to cultivate in silence and shun the world. But the more flawless the paradise appeared, the more out of place everything seemed.

Xiang Shaoyun was in no rush to advance. He constantly spread his senses around, trying to get a clear picture of the grotto before deciding on what to do. Eventually, he discovered an odd place. Not far from him was a floating building. He brought the runic and moved swiftly toward the floating building.

When they arrived, they found that some other people had come before them.

The floating building was ancient and crude, built from ancient bricks. One could see everything in the house with a single glance. Inside the house was a stone bed. Seated on the stone bed was a skeleton. Apart from that, the house was completely empty.

Someone leaped into the air to get a better look at the house and the skeleton. But without astral energy, he co

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